Monday, July 30, 2012

Janissa by Jovian Mandagie Ready To Wear

Im selling off my JM Janissa coz its a bit loose with me..

Price : SOLD
Size : M
Condition : Never worn
Color : Deep Fuschia
Comes with original box and receipt

The Jovian by Jovian Mandagie Janissa is a modern Kurong which is a 2-piece outfit featuring a top and a long skirt. The top features a pleated design, round neck line complete with embellishments. The long skirt features a pleated design with fastens and zipper.

Measurements: M size
Shoulder: 15in Chest: 38in Waist: 31in Hip: 40in Full Dress Length: 59.5in Armhole: 18in Sleeve: 22.5in Cuff: 9in Skirt Waist: 30in Skirt length: 40.5in size


  1. reserve boleh till esok coz i tgh tunggu 1 baju jovian order kat zalora size L. I x sure L ke M ok for me.cutting ni memang longgar ke?

  2. ok i decided i want, if x muat diet gila2 hehe. where do u stay if can pick up easier.

  3. a'ah cutting dia jenis kembang skit,so agak besar bg i..ok reserved smp esok yer..aap2 hal leh emel i terus

  4. can u emel me here: